Reflections on life in Antarctica


Living in Antarctica impacts your life. It is for this undeniable fact that I find myself back on the ice. My last winter at Casey station made such an impact on me that I am at it again. This time at Davis station. The summer is now gone and what the winter holds for me is faced with a grin and a big bucket of longing. I cannot wait to get out and about and explore my new home.

I find myself once again looking out onto the ice, no regrets about being here and ready to take on tomorrow. Much has changed at home and that life will continue without me but I now build a new future, with amazing people around me. People with experience in so many facets of life and real-world experience that I count myself lucky to work and learn from them. Together we are building our community. We are all settling into our roles within this community and maturing as a group. Much of our mind set will change over the next eight months as we share experiences, face challenges, laugh, cry and just face life, but that is tomorrow.

Summer may be rapidly departing but winter has yet to take a firm hold on our station. We can still get out and about on foot, explore our backyard, smile at the antics of the Adélie penguins, visit the seal wallows and find a bit of peace by the coast with the wind in your face.

I do not feel isolated, I am free. I live today.