A snapshot of Australia Day and station life from Kez our chef

Australia Day at Davis

Due to the arrival of our resupply ship, we celebrated Australia Day early. We chose to have our public holiday on Monday. This started with some of the tradies cooking a lamb on the spit from 8am. A traditional icy dip for those brave enough at 11am (once our first moulting seal had arrived on the beach between the flags and moved on), followed up by warm up in the spa/sauna.

Next, we had a delicious lunch with a few Aussie classics, lamingtons, fairy bread and Twisties. This was followed closely by some awesome entertainment by the Red Hot Chilli Penguins, the local Davis band, featuring all Australian music. Once the band stopped playing it was a free for all on the karaoke, while others headed off to watch the Australian Open.

All of this was made much more pleasant due to the Bureau of Met coming through with some very temperate weather and blue skies - in general we've had really great weather recently, allowing people to head out on walks to local sites like Law Cairn and The Old Wallow.

Meanwhile, station life continues, with progress on the water tank repairs, the commencement of the reverse osmosis water processing operations, fire training and a station search for whatever our local chippie has misplaced this week.

We are now all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Happy Diamond (Big Lift) which is bringing all of our dry foods, repair and maintenance equipment, mail, station supplies and a few fresh faces. This process will be made much easier with the disappearance of our sea-ice, allowing ice-free access to the wharf.