Part 2 of Dave's resupply experience

The Davis 22/23 Resupply - Part 2

Day 5 and more snow, we kick off with our regular morning brief held by our Station Leader. The plans for the day always slightly change as we adapt to our surroundings and small amendments. However, the message is always the same…Take your time and do it safely, look out for your mates. The day consisted of a large unload of ATK fuel drums. (Jet A1 fuel for our aviation season next summer).

After lunch we got the nod to start back-loading - our wharf team would reload the barges with cargo for Return to Australia (RTA). Before loading on the barge, the wharf team would ensure the containers were clean ensuring that nothing slips past the strict quarantine requirements of entry into Australia.

By the end of Day 5 all the cargo for the station was on shore and we managed to put a good dent into the RTA load. Day 6 commenced and it was straight into the RTA loading. Unfortunately, this was cut short at lunch by the howling wind and it never let up.

Saturday arrived and the wind was still howling with a similar forecast for Sunday. It was announced on Friday that the weekend would be a break from resupply whilst the weather was poor.

Expeditioners used this time for a well-earned break and having a sleep in. The common areas were abuzz with activity with the pool, ping pong and poker tables getting a good run. A new batch of books which came off the ship were sorted into the new release area of our library by our station librarian Rae, fortunately Rae is an expert at organising things and enjoys it to match.

Speaking of organising and Rae…. Rae is the doctor on station and the role of the doctor during resupply is paramount. Amongst the day-to-Rae duties, medical equipment arrives off the ship to be swapped out. It must first must be put through a series of tests to ensure its serviceability. Once confirmed serviceable, the equipment already on station is packed up and sent back on the same ship under her careful eye and supervision.

Day 7- Monday morning and 10 cargo runs to go to finish our RTA load. The wind teased and caused some stoppages, but early afternoon the call was made over the radio from the Voyage Leader Leanne that the last container had just been locked into the Happy Diamond. There it was, re-supply was finished! Despite the weather, it was smoother than a penguin’s feather.

Ahead of schedule, Tuesday allowed the Davis team to take turns going out to the Happy Diamond for tours and the Happy Diamond crew took turns visiting Davis led by some of our expert tour guides. We got to enjoy fantastic weather and the company of some new friends! Tuesday also gave a chance for our Electronic Engineers and Scientists Marshall and Derryn to head out to the neighbouring islands to do nest camera maintenance thanks to the coxswains on the Happy Diamond and our Senior Field Training Officer, Paula.

There was a down side to Tuesday however. We had to say farewell to our fellow expeditioner Jenn as she boarded the Happy Diamond to coordinate resupply at Mawson Station. We’ll miss Jenn and her table tennis skills. All the best Jenn! We’ll miss you.

Cargo Running Totals:

  • Day 5: 539,737kg- 100% Complete

RTA Totals:

  • Day 5: 57,430kg- 24.64% Complete
  • Day 6: 171,781kg- 73.69% Complete
  • Day 7: 233,111kg- 100% Complete


Station Supply Officer