Antarctica, bringing out the best in us

Crooked Lake & Cataract Canyon

Last week saw myself (Aaron), Tim, Richard, Gavin and Bob head out on the quads for a trip to Crooked Lake & Cataract Canyon. With the departure time set and the quad bikes loaded all that was left to do was to make the sacrifice and leave without having the bacon and egg breakfast prepared by our chef Rocket (not an easy task by any measure).

Once we were under way it became apparent that we had indeed been blessed by the Antarctic weather gods, with temps hovering around the −15˚C mark, clear blue skies and not a breath of wind the Vestfold Hills transform into a winter wonderland as travel is easy and even getting your camera out to take photo’s doesn’t result in painfully cold fingers.

The ride out to Crooked Lake was slow and bumpy with mounds of windblown snow covering the sea ice and the multiple frozen freshwater lakes we encountered on our way, these lakes are definitely something that must be seen to be believed, they have a glass like surface and frozen bubbles everywhere beneath the surface.

Once arriving at Crooked Lake we had to dismount and leave our trusty steed’s (Quads) and use Shanks’s pony to get to Cataract Canyon, myself being not one who chooses to go on many walks was a little hesitant at the idea when confronted by the size of the hill leading out of crooked lake, my hesitation was quickly disposed of by Rich and Bob assuring that it was all flat walking after the first hill.

Any way I think I've said too much and it’s time to let the photos tell their own story.

P.S. They lied! There was actually many hills left to scramble over.