Tim’s week at Davis featuring pesky blizz, the disappearance of the sun (for now), a morning tea for a cause, jolly to Trajer Ridge and a mouth-watering medieval night.

Davis blizz

Weather-wise, we have been pretty spoiled here at Davis station with lots of calm, sunny days. For sure we have had, and will still get, cooler days such as last week where the temperatures were dropping down to −38°C but with winds keeping under 10kts the wind chill has been workable. That changed over the weekend when we had our 3rd blizz for the season which included some blowing snow and gusts maxing up to 82kts. Along with this, the air temp was actually quite balmy for this time of year, reaching up to the -6°C mark. This blizz could possibly be called a 'boss’s blizz' as it was over a long weekend at that (the winds started Sunday). So, come Tuesday morning the winds were still in the 50s and it wasn’t until towards the middle of the day that things began to settle down again and the usual comfortable weather and climate we had become accustomed to here at Davis resumed. It was then we were able to scope around and view the new blizz-arranged landscape of the station.

There goes the sun

As we head into the winter solstice, where it will be the shortest day of the year, we have watched the sun retreat over the last month in regards to actual daylight hours,. For the next 30 or so days the sun won’t be rising above the horizon and what little light that is shown will be fleeting twilight glares in the distance. Although this may sound a bit depressing, the bonus from all this is when conditions are clear and good you get to walk to work and see auroras blazing in this deep southern sky. This something that those who have been keen enough to (up until now) do through midnight and early morning photography: capture this amazing spectacle.

World’s Biggest Morning Tea

Although the official date is the 23rd of May, the organisers do promote Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea (a fundraiser for cancer research) for any time during the months of May and June. As was the case, here at Davis there was mention of the station being part of the World’s Biggest Morning Tea down here. We may have been a bit late but last Friday we all came together for a station morning tea, with donations being made as part of the event.

Trajer Ridge

Mal, Rocket, Jason and Tim went up to the Trajer Ridge melon (field hut) to scope what would be involved with the removal and installation of a new melon at Trajer Ridge. You know, a quick three and half hour trip up, a bite, a hot drink, then turn around and come back. All’s good.

Medieval night

Last Saturday, Davis station had a Medieval themed night, a night which had emerged as our resident scientist and all round top expeditioner Dr Bob with his trusty sidekick Richie Rich had over the past few months been brewing the original recipe for mead, an ancient elixir from the gods. With the help of our craftsman  and brewmaster Mark there were three varieties of mead up for taste-testing along with a selection of boutique beers that were presented for tasting by various expeditioners with some startling results. Never to be outdone, our resident chef extraordinaire Rocket, with the help of his slushy serf, put on a magnificent feast fit for king and jester alike: a pig on the spit, roast duck, pheasant, pigeon, quail and goose. “More, more!” the cry went out. Overall, a fun and festive night was had by all. Hoorah!