Ever played golf on ice?

This week at Davis by Bill Plant — Bureau of Metrology

We have been settling in very well at Davis over the last few weeks. Co-operation is astounding. There always seems to be someone walking past who can answer “where is…?” or “how do you…?” It is uncanny. The food has been quite amazing. Thank you to Chefs Lesley, Gavin and Renato.

We had a blizzard: negative temperatures, blowing snow, gale force winds and minimal visibility. It is a little unusual for a blizzard at this time of the year. Two days of 3 dimensional white and after the blizzard we were left with several large snow drifts and half buried machinery. The Plant Operators Paul, Steve, Glenn and Danny soon fixed that.

And all over the station highly skilled people are busy with their part in keeping the station functioning. Davis Construction has been busy: the new waste treatment facility is taking shape; foundations are being prepared for a helicopter hangar; maintenance continues to the highly complex and interconnected collection of buildings and equipment that makes Davis function. It’s an amazing effort by all and supervised by Steve Wall, Paul Stringer and Ken Smith.

On the recreational front the new, as yet un-named, Davis Band has been practising in the Davis Recording Studio (the old Met balloon shed ) and the knitting club has attracted a few members as well.

We are all very busy in our demanding, yet beautiful, environment. There is a lot more happening around the station but I will leave the rest to next week’s part time journo. To be continued…

Round of Golf

Davis station is a community and in a lot of ways is no different to the communities on mainland Australia. So what do a lot of folk do in Australia on a beautiful sunny day, they play golf. So with a bit of ingenuity and adaptation a golf course was constructed on the sea ice off Davis. It was both unique and surreal to be playing golf on ice. The greens were marked out with a bit of green food dye and the golf balls had to be painted, as a white golf ball was definitely not the way to go. Then to add to the experience we had a number of penguins join the fun.

Cryptic Cartoon

This week at Davis our resident artist Nick Cartwright has decided to give us a cryptic cartoon. Try to work it out and if it is too difficult wait to next week’s Icy News for the answer. It has a Davis-related theme.