International visitors to Davis station see old friends return, money is raised for Camp Quality and Australia Day weekend is celebrated.

Davis, an international hub

Davis was like an international airport this week with numerous aircraft from other Antarctic nations dropping in for a visit. Because of its geographical location, only a one hour flight from the Chinese, Indian and Russian Antarctic stations, visits are both welcome and not all that uncommon. To add even more international flavour to the visits, some of our neighbours had foreign aviation assets and crews. 

So in addition to visits from our neighbours we also had visits from South African and Ukrainian aircraft and crews. These visits create a fair amount of excitement on station and the Davis expeditioners enjoy giving guided tours of Davis station. On Friday when the Indian Station Leader Venkata Raghavendra K and the Director, Polar Science Programme Dr. S. Naqvi dropped in with a number of their expeditioners, it didn’t take long for a game of backyard cricket to develop. 

The visit from the Russian Station Leader Dmitry Serov and his translator Elena was even more special for the Davis Station Leader as he had worked with both in previous seasons.

Camp Quality

This week three expeditioners, in an effort to raise funds for Camp Quality, volunteered their heads as tokens. Two (Rhyse and Michael) agreed to a lovely new hair colour, Vas decided he would go the whole way and agreed to a head shave — good idea at the time!

The guys raised nearly $800 for Camp Quality and the rest of the station enjoyed a good laugh. For Vas however, it was an opportunity to see into the future, should he ever go bald!

Australia Day weekend photo gallery

Australia Day and the preceding weekend was a very busy time for Davis. A formal Saturday night dinner was held to celebrate the end of summer for sixteen of our expeditioners who are leaving next week. The Davis band NTR (Never To Return) made one last appearance and Davis rocked one more time to their music. NTR are guaranteed not to return as the lead singers are on the next plane.

Then the traditional Australia Day celebrations commenced with the swim for those fool hardy enough to brave the minus temperatures of both the water and air. For those that are interested, only one expeditioner lasted longer than 30 seconds in the water.

A game of cricket on the beach watched by some lazy elephant seals was next, followed by a BBQ spit roast for dinner.

A great weekend was had by all.