At Davis this week we see the first Weddell seal pup, reflect on a year and celebrate a birthday.

Quad ride to the first seal pup

With clear skies and warmer temperatures it’s time to explore the icebergs and look for the wildlife slowly returning from a winter spent at the edge of the pack ice.

This week several groups set out across the sea ice to field huts, checking known areas for Weddell seals returning to the fjords of the Vestfold Hills to have their pups.

Luckily, Vas and Jen on quads, and Paul, Lesley and Dave in the red Hägg were returning to station from a night at Bandits Hut via Ace Lake apple and came across three very pregnant seals and one mother with a newborn pup.

As we kept our distance, Lesley captured some beautiful photos of the new pup with her giant camera lens.

Jen Proudfoot

Is it a year already?

With my year at Davis soon coming to an end with the arrival of V1 next month, I thought I’d share some photos of the year that was.

Paul Deverall

Station leaders birthday

This week we helped Ali our station leader celebrate a milestone birthday with lashings of tiramisu, fake tattoos and plenty of balloons.

There was even a pirate ship, although I am not sure how it came to be in the mess!