The Aurora Australis has arrived! A few more articles from departing 2012 Davis winterers while the new team settles in.

Davis sign-post revamp

While the winds are not that strong at Davis compared to the other Australian stations, the dirt that the wind picks up from the Vestfold Hills area can cause some damage.

The Davis sign-post suffered some damage in the first storm of last winter. A few of the signs got knocked off and the rest looked like they had been sand blasted.

The 65th ANARE winterers carefully dismantled the signs and post and then repaired, sanded and painted each one — a real team effort.

The results speak for themselves.

The AA arrives at Davis

One minute it is just white and blue and the next minute you look there is something orange there as well.

This week the RSV Aurora Australis arrived to take us away and to bring much needed supplies and materials to the station. 

Chris goes first

The ship is here to deliver the new Davis expeditioners, and take the 2012 team away — well most of them.

Chris was up early to catch his ride to a Twin Otter and then on to Mawson for the summer.