Nick’s cartoon preludes the adventures of eight expeditioners who may have overpacked for their week away to Rauers. Also from Davis this week the fuel tanks get a clean and brilliant purple skies light up the night as auroras abound.

Nick’s Cartoon of the Week

So what do eight people going on a field trip for six days take with them?

The answer: everything! We actually thought they’d taken the stations’ spa, the large cinema screen and eight of the cinema reclining chairs. Well, that was just a rumour.

Off to the Rauers

On Sunday 14th September a very excited team departed station for the Rauers.

The team of eight — Sarah, Alyce, Layla, Adam, Corey, Dave, Craig and Val departed station in two Hägglunds, each towing a van. As we watched them leave station and drive across the sea ice we couldn’t help but wonder if they left anything behind for the remaining 12 expeditioners. The comments ‘travelling in style and comfort’ was mentioned a few times.

Their journey across the Sørsdal took them just on 12 hours and we heard at regular intervals whilst en route they were experiencing perfectly clear blue skies, nil wind and minus seven degree celsius temps. For the past three days the team have taken water samples from over ten lakes, checked on the permanently positioned bird cameras and swapped over camera cards. From what we're hearing everyone is having a great time and making the most of their visit to the Rauer islands.

They are due back on station late Friday evening however we're expecting the weather to pick up for a few days and this is likely to delay their return home. Certainly no complaints from the team as they are very comfortable, safe, warm and comfortable. Did we mention how much gear they took with them? They did leave us the pool table.

Stay tuned for next week’s update — we'll feature lots of their photos and their version of what they actually packed.

On the job

One of the big projects for our talented trades team to complete this week involved cleaning the inside of six of our 12 large fuel tanks. Each fuel tank holds 90,000 litres of fuel and over time there’s a possibility fungi, corrosion from condensation or contaminants from the ship’s tanks building up and cause problems long term. While not one of the most glamorous jobs around, it is a necessary one. A huge thanks to Mark, Paul, Nick and Josh on doing such a great job.

In the kitchen, with eight people off station, for a week Chef Lesley has downsized — pots that is.

On station

The stunning images below were taken by Rob Isaac, communications technical officer, during the past week.