The lengths people go to at Davis to get a photo of the first summer penguin! Work and a pretty beautiful quad drive round out the news this week.

Nick’s Cartoon of the Week

There’s not a lot of wildlife to be seen during the winter months at Davis but that’s all behind us. With the sun above the horizon for 12 hours per day (and increasing) we're now hoping to see more than the occasional weddell seal. ‘Guess the date of the first sighting of a penguin’ competition commenced a few weeks ago — the rules: your sighting must be supported with a photograph. Some people are going to great lengths to win the competition.

On the Job

A day out in the field for Rob and Narelle had them completing tasks: to install a solar panel at Rookery Lake Apple and to change over faulty hut batteries at Brookes hut. Despite the −24°C temps it still beats working from an office. Not many people can boast about working in such stunning surrounds — sea ice and icebergs as far as you can see.

In the field

An enjoyable Sunday late afternoon bike ride (Josh, Alyce and Stu) within ten minutes from station — it doesn’t get much better than this.