Saying goodby to the summer crew, visitors from our neighbouring stations and some classic bergs.

Nick’s cartoon of the week

Aurora Australis — Summer comes to an end

Aurora Australis arrived on Thursday 13th February, bringing with her three wintering expeditioners (Dom, Dave and Narelle) and a top up of essential supplies for the winter months. The ship departed Monday 17th, Hobart-bound, taking with her the entire summer crew.

When the ship sailed away the 21 wintering expeditioners remaining behind waved goodbye and lit flares, an old tradition enjoyed by wintering ANARE teams marking the beginning of winter.

The 2014 winter team would like to pass on their thanks to the summer team for their assistance and friendship during the past 38 weeks, and to voyage management for the hassle free changeover.

Visitors from Zhongshan

During the week our friends from Progress Station (Russia) and Zhongshan (China) flew in for a brief visit.

The photos below were taken during the Chinese visit and it was a privilege to provide a detailed tour of the station to our guests, especially the wintering Station Leader and the Vice Leader of CHINARE. Thank you Paul and Judy for your guiding assistance.

Wildlife and Scenery

Berg cruising with the summer team, scenic pics and our attractive wildlife