After the hard work of resupply, this week has been a good opportunity for all those at Davis (long timers and new comers) to find their feet in their work roles and on the ice around station. This week weather has hampered flying but that hasn’t stopped us from getting down to business.

End of resupply

For those not sure just how much equipment and fuel is needed to run Davis for 12 months, here is a bit of a rundown. We took delivery of 550 tonne of food, science equipment, vehicles and building supplies and sent back to Australia 326 tonne of waste, recycling, science samples and vehicles. During a 26 hour pumping operation we also transferred ashore 804,350 litres of ‘Special Antarctic Blend’ diesel fuel.

It was a remarkably smooth and efficient resupply, a testament to the people involved and the planning leading up to it.

The great unpack

One of the major operations here at Davis this summer is flying approximately 11 tons of cargo including science equipment, fresh and frozen food, general cargo as well as expeditioners by fixed wing aircraft to Mawson. In the background, supporting this operation is the Davis store person who has been organising the cargo for the flights.

When a decision is made to fly, it takes a team of station support personnel (JCB drivers, truck drivers, air ground support personnel, and strong people who lift stuff) to load and transport the cargo from the station to the aircraft, which is at the ski landing area on the sea ice in front of station.

Up and away

On the tools

Davis mechanics repair one of our engines which had a damaged valve on the number one cylinder — repairs are now complete!

On the TV