Davis fills its pages with photos this week as new expeditioners arrive, including new station leader James Moloney.

Nick’s Cartoon of the Week

Winter ends and summer begins

On the 5 November the summer season officially commenced. The Aurora Australis parked beside the fast ice seven nautical miles from station, bladed up the helicopters and started passenger and essential cargo transfers.

Within four hours, 50 personnel and numerous loads of cargo were transferred from ship to shore in a very slick and smooth operation.

Not long after all personnel arrived, the station induction team (Alyce, Sarah, Stu, Adam and PJ) provided a thorough tour of the station and passed on invaluable community information which will no doubt help the new team settle in.

From a quiet little hamlet with a population of 20, Davis station can now boast a population of 70 with more to arrive in the coming days.

Bring on summer!

The 2014 Winter team would like to welcome the 2014/15 team to Davis and wish all personnel a very enjoyable and successful summer (and winter for the 25 staying on).

In the name of science

In the field

Happy birthday Ali