At Davis station Webby celebrates something special, scientists plan lake sampling field work and sunsets are shared by man and beast alike.

Nick’s Cartoon of the Week

Davis 2014 winter team

Our special moment with Webby


Alyce and Sarah have a lot of ground to cover during the winter months.

Featured below, our scientists stand alongside a large map of the the Vestfold Hills, and on the map they have numerous coloured pins highlighting all the lakes and bays they'll be taking small samples of water from. All they need now is for the sea ice to freeze to a depth suitable to travel on and they'll commence the next stage of their work. In the meantime, there’s still testing to do to keep them busy.

On the job

Our focus this week has been on general station maintenance, preparing for the arrival of the Aurora Australis as it will make a very brief visit on its journey to Mawson station. We also conducted much needed repairs to our beloved pool table and stepped over (through and under) numerous bliz tails as a result of heavy snow falls. 


At the end of every workday there’s always time for a fun, social chat and an opportunity to take photos of our stunning station and surrounds.

Wildlife and scenery

The sights, sounds and smells at Davis station.