Lots of maintenance work at Davis this week, on station and out in the field, but also plenty of beautiful sunsets and scenery.

Nick’s cartoon of the week

In the name of science

This week Sarah and Alyce concentrated on collecting water samples from Organic Lake. They left station early in the morning and returned very late with their water samples — a big week for them but also very successful in terms of what they achieved.

Weekly sea ice measurements continue to be supported by Paul, Craig and Dave.

Dave and PJ installed the strain gauge on the sea ice just off station. The gauge measures the ‘strain’ on the sea ice as a result of current and tidal changes.

On the job

Once again a display of the variety of plant here at Davis station that the boys get to play with.

See Craig up to his elbows on a Cat 297 bobcat, while Corey gets to grips with the aptly named ‘UFO'. This is in fact a small diesel powered genset, within a weather proof casing.

The other machine is a Prinoth snow groomer, predominately used for creating and maintaining skiways for air support. It has just had the tracks dropped off and is sitting quietly melting out awaiting a service, so all will be ready for the coming summer season.

I've also included more photos of last week’s work in the main house when the team swapped out one of the large engines.

By Mark Johnson

In the field

With the sun slowly returning and our daylight hours increasing, so too are the number of requests for field work and recreational trips.

Last week Nick, Val, Adam and Narelle spent two days at Watts Hut to complete an audit on the fire extinguishers and check on gas and fuel stocks. Heaters were changed over and as a result of heavy snow on the swing bridge the guy wires were released.

This weekend we have two groups and all their camera gear going to Watts Hut and Trajer Ridge.

Next week five expeditioners are going to Woop Woop for three days to undertake general maintenance works on one of the vans. Radios and the automatic weather station will also be serviced and repaired by technicians PJ (Met) and Rob (comms).