Many hands…

The teams within the team

At Davis station this week we have our efforts focused on two aspects of the final part of our season. We are packing up and we are preparing for handover.  It was time to take some photos to remember all the teams we have manned over the season. So, this week, Greg kindly took some team photos. We had the trades team, the LSA (lay surgical assistant) team, the all-important darts team, the fire team, the Hydroponics team and the SAR (search and rescue) team. 

It is also worth mentioning that the Lay Surgical Assistants (LSA) team has been one of the highlights for my Winter season.  As the Doctor, I am provided with four LSAs to assist me in case of an emergency. I have written about them in a previous icy news but to refresh your memory, this year we had Luke the mechanic, Neil the plumber, Paul the electrician and Kieran the boilermaker.  In addition to these four LSAs, we were lucky to be also joined by Glenn the Field Training Officer.  We were without a doubt the best surgical team on station.  

We recently finished our training by completing our final surgical scenario where we successfully anaesthetised our airway mannequin and operated on our piece of foam rubber.  It was truly remarkable to see the team complete the task efficiently and with enthusiasm.  When you live in such a remote location, knowing that you have the capability to respond is the best form of comfort. 

This week has also been the last week of the hydroponics operation.  The task we were faced with was to complete the final harvest and then clean the facility.  This was previously done for us by last season’s team and we now realise what a big job it is and we thank the 2018 team for their effort!

The hydroponics team consisted of Amy Carroll and Liam Carroll both from the BOM, Luke D’Anastasi and Amy Chetcuti from team Dieso, Matt Gledhill the SCTO, Kieran Lusio the Boilermaker and myself.  One team member has been in the shed every day checking on the plants and adjusting water and nutrient levels. 

On Wednesday, our last harvest was packed full of rocket, dill, basil, parsley, lemon grass, tomatoes, chillies and capsicums. This was a chance for all the team members to come together for the team effort of the last harvest.  Thanks must go to Amy Carroll for leading our hydro team all season for what has been reported as the most successful hydroponics output for some years.

Dr Meg.