It’s all happening at Davis

Auroras for days

There have been a few highlights this year for us at Davis research station and everyone will have something different that they'll take home with them and look back fondly upon long after we've all defrosted. For me, my first winter was in 2009 at Casey, and what most excited me then was probably seeing the Aurora Australis or ‘southern lights.' 

Unfortunately, during that winter, the sunspot activity was at a 94-year record low and as Casey is famous for its cloudy weather I only saw one Aurora.  Now I’m back and this time at Davis, the ‘Riviera of the South', home to over 50 per cent clearer weather than Casey, making it a prime spot for aurora watching. We've been pretty lucky this year, even though solar activity has still been fairly low, we've managed to see some fine displays. 

For those at home that couldn’t make it down, here’s a few pictures taken over the course of the year — another item off the bucket list!

Liam Carroll (Snr Met Observer)