This week at Davis: 27 September 2019

The season is turning…

Winter is going

The winter season is coming to an end here at Davis with about a month until we see fresh new faces. But first there is a lot of work to be done before we are ready welcome the new expeditioners, including machinery and buildings that need to be ‘de-winterised’ such as summer accommodation blocks TAD and SAM, and the Science building.

When the weather gods allow it, and we’ve cleared enough snow from station roads to let us move around, this involves accessing the roof of each building with our EWP (elevated working platform) to remove caps from exhaust/supply air vents and getting a bit of heat in to spaces that have been otherwise dormant throughout the winter. For vehicles, this includes melting snow out of engine bay and moving parts, plus dropping in fresh, warm batteries.

As welcome distraction, we’ve had a few Emperor penguins stroll past station recently which was good to see some wildlife return, even if only for a short period. Hopefully we will see more in the coming weeks as winter draws to a close.

It’s been a great season…hope you enjoy a few random pics that I have taken throughout the year!

Brownie (Plumber)

Blizzed Skid Steer Cat 297C in Antarctica
Blizzed Skid Steer Cat 297C
(Photo: Neil B)
De-winterising a building in Antarctica
Dan de-winterising the Science building
(Photo: Neil B)
Cat 297C Skid Steer de-blizzed
Cat 297C Skid Steer nicely de-blizzed
(Photo: Neil B)
Emperor penguin
Emperor penguin making some noise
(Photo: Neil B)
Emperor penguin belly sliding
Up close with an Emperor penguin
(Photo: Neil B)
Emperor penguin at Davis Station
Emperor penguin wandering onto Davis Beach
(Photo: Simon G)
Hagglund tracked vehicle on sea ice
Hagglund tracked vehicle returns to station from sea ice drilling.
(Photo: Neil B)
Davis Station living quarters with snow cover
Station living quarters covered in snow.
(Photo: Neil B)
Aurora lighting up the Davis Station sign
Aurora activity lighting up the Davis Station sign
(Photo: Neil B)
Aurora, Milky Way and the Davis LIDAR
3-in-1…Aurora, Milky Way and the Davis LIDAR.
(Photo: Neil B)