Time for the online shopping to start

Stand and be counted

Here at Davis it’s that time of year when the sun is rising again and lighting the way for the inevitable station stocktake and reorders so the 2020 team have all they need in the way of food, drink and the plethora of essentials required to keep the station maintained, lights and heaters on…, water running, machinery humming and expeditioners all healthy and well for the busy summer ahead.

Waiting patiently, team sections back in Kingston are itching to go on their respective shopping sprees while the AAD shipping and supply crew brace for the downpour of e-cons (delivery dockets) that will inevitably follow.

With snow building up around station, there are also a few obstacles thrown in for us to dig and scrape out of the way while we inspect the contents of the various external containers and buildings to see what’s needed on the voyage one wish list.

Doctor, station leader, field training/station supply officer, senior comms tech, electrical engineer, chef, trades team (plumbers, carpenter, electricians, boilermaker, diesos) and the Bureau of Meteorology trio are all running the numbers.

A number of secondary roles also get the call up…clothing store (Glenn) to make sure there’s a good range of kit available, and the brewmaster (Paul), because the secret to a great brew is keeping it fresh. 

Each section on station has responsibility to complete their stocktaking and everyone is working diligently, helping each other out at every opportunity — counting and recording what has been used and what will be needed to make 2019/20 a safe and enjoyable summer/winter experience. 

Graeme Freeman (aka MacGyver — BSS/DSL/Occasional Carpenter)