A tribute to our families

The people that make it possible

As the winter crew of the 2018/19 season hit the half-way mark at Davis, it’s sometimes hard to believe that it’s been over 6 months since we boarded the Aurora Australis and bid adieu to Australia, our ‘regular’ lives, our friends, our families and more importantly… our pets (hi Missy). 

I’m probably meant to say something about this still being a job and all the sacrifices we’ve made to come down here, but let’s face it, the truth is this place is awesome. From the mind-blowing sunrises/sunsets, the clearest blue skies I’ve ever seen, the special wildlife encounters, the station team… to the spectacular landscape and weather that can change in the blink of an eye. I’d never even seen snow till I came down here!  Even on a bad day it’s an amazing place to be.

So on behalf of the Davis crew I thought I would shout out a small tribute to the people (and pets) who *really* make the sacrifice as we all happily stepped onto a big, orange icebreaker… steaming our way down south to live on an ice covered rock.

For the worried parents (hi mum! yes, yes… I’m taking care of myself) to the friends and extended family taking care of all the day to day stuff we aren’t there to do ourselves.

For all the missed weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, concerts, kids plays and sporting events, pet sitting, holidays and plans that have all been put on hold till we return to do it together… thank you. We wouldn’t be able to have this incredible life experience without your support.

I believe author privileges allow me to say Happy 91st (!) Birthday to my Nana, Maud Hill, and Happy 40th to my brother, Nick… happy birthday, bro! Looking forward to Drag Challenge next year (thanks for waiting) and a beer or two when I get back.

Dane (Station Mechanical Supervisor)