A little ray of sunshine…

Hard Chat — a Davis dieso story

Here at Davis station the sun has retreated below the horizon and the temperature is getting colder by the day. Without direct sunlight over the winter months, sometimes we all just need a bit of sunshine to brighten our lives.

Introducing Luke D’Anastasi (aka Lukey D, D’nasty, Big Dogg). Luke is one of our diesel fitters at Davis station. He spends his days tending to the engines in the powerhouse and fixing anything that rolls into the workshop. He is a workhorse and all-round top bloke, keeping us entertained with his impeccably timed puns and tragic dad jokes.

One thing Luke has become known for is his unreal dress-up-night costumes. Luke says it’s his skills learnt from his previous job as a costume designer in Hollywood that allows him to channel his creative spirit animal and design the outfits he wears.

I sat down with Luke and asked him a few random questions…

Where do you call home?

The northern beaches of Mackay, in Eimeo… yip yah shout out to the Eimeo village crew!

QLD got up in the Origin, but I think NSW will come back for the win, do you agree?

To be honest mate I think Queensland are the better class of team. They come from a wondrous land of happiness and joy that has running water and power.

What bought you to Antarctica?

Antarctica has been a dream of mine since I was 7 years old… I even did a school project on the place!

What’s been your best day so far?

By far my favourite day so far has been TechSAR (Technical Search & Rescue) training at Trajer Ridge… abseiling and ice cliff climbing with axes and crampons.

What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?

It’s really hard work to pick fly poop out of pepper.

What are the dieso’s unwritten rules at work?

1. If you borrow a tool twice then you most probably need to buy one for yourself.

2. Carton Policy: For example, if you were to get a ute, forklift or crane bogged in the back yard and needed help to retrieve it that would automatically qualify you to pay one carton for the infringement.

3. Like the great Aussie band The Chats put it, “I’m on smoko so leave me alone.”

What’s your go-to dance move down at the local pub?

“The Rusty Sword Hammer”. You won’t find this dance move on the internet or in either of the Step Up movies. It is a unique blend of capoeira, spirit fingers and the electric boogaloo. It takes years to perfect the sheer beauty and grace that its name suggests.

What’s the worst ‘buy one get one free’ sale of all time?

Not sure what the original deal was but they were giving away free Snuggies with it. I was seriously disappointed in my mum when I saw one on her couch when I went around to visit one time.

If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?

Definitely cats… they have the best stink face.

Give us your best saying.

If the whole world was perfect, everyone would be 5’8” with dreadlocks.

And finally…give us your best dad joke.

What do you call an Italian with a rubber toe? Roberto.

Thanks for the chat, Lukey D… good talk.

Dan (Davis Plumber)