Highlights of the past, and those to come

Season Favourites & What Next

As the year comes to an end and the arrival of our big red taxi is imminent, there’s a lot of activity around station and a mix of emotions. I thought it would be an idea to see what some of the outgoing winterers are looking forward to when they get home, and what they have most enjoyed about winter.

Me, Joe Burton (Electrician)
• Favourite part of winter: Watching the sunrise for the first time after the dark winter months
• Most looking forward to when get home: sun, sea, friends, family, strangers.

Ryan Kunst (Electrician)
• Favourite part of winter: The isolation and the unforgiving environment.
• Most looking forward to when get home: dog, boat, family and friends.

Kieran Lusio (Boiler maker)
• Favourite part of winter: Midwinters dinner.
• Most looking forward to when get home: summer.

Dan Gough (Plumber)
• Favorite part of winter: Cataract Canyon hike
• Most looking forward to when get home: sun, surf and tinder.

Simon Goninon (Station Leader)
• Favourite part of winter: As a first-timer, it was the unpredictability…such a foreign environment, it was a constant barrage of ‘firsts’. Closely followed by the crew I was lucky enough to share it with.
• Most looking forward to when get home: Aside from simply reconnecting with significant others and eating food that isn’t powdered, dehydrated or frozen (although it was bloody awesome, Nick), I’m definitely looking forward to beaches, trees, grass and trails — plenty of mountain biking to catch up on.
Dr Meg (Doctor)
• Favourite part of winter: The absolute best bit of winter was when the sun came back. It was like an internal switch flicking back to “on”!
• Most looking forward to when get home: Running outside. Running on the grass, running in the rain. Being back with my people. You don’t realise how important your own clan is until you have to live away from them for an extended time. Graeme and I cannot wait to be back at the shack and flying around the world to see the family. This includes our family in Australia and overseas. This includes our Myanmar clan.

Amy Carroll (Weather Observer)
• Favourite part of winter: My favourite part of the winter was seeing so many amazing auroras. It’s always been a big item on my bucket list to see one and now I've been lucky enough to see many. I also really enjoyed the midwinter swim, it was such a crazy experience taking a dip in icy cold water.
• Most looking forward to when get home? I am most looking forward to seeing my cat Luna, seeing all my family and friends and lastly enjoying a warm summer on the Gold Coast beaches!

Nick Baker (Chef)
• Favourite part of winter: Cruising around the frozen lakes.
• Most looking forward to when get home: Not eating my own cooking three times a day.