'Vestfolds Brewery'

Grand ‘Opening’ Ceremony

Exciting news here at Davis recently, with the official installation and unveiling of the new Davis ‘Vestfolds Brewery’ access door.

Considered by most expeditioners to be one of the more ‘important’ access structures on station, the upgrade works program was left in the very capable hands of our winter BSS Graeme ‘MacGyver’ Freeman, and Kieran Lusio our resident boilermaker/welder.

The new replacement door features hinges on the opposite side to the previous door and a safety locking pin, which now means when it is opened the prevailing winds don’t catch the door surface, forcing it open.

Most people will be aware that you can’t hang a new door in this part of the world without having an ‘opening’ ceremony (just to make sure the door does actually open).

This exciting moment was recorded for prosperity.


Pauly, Davis Brewmaster (and part-time electrician)