This week one of our three plumbers reflects on a few of his many experiences over the past season.

Looking back

This week Glenn and I headed out to Marine Plain where there are two Apples and one Melon hut for scientists and expeditioners to utilise during the summer and winter months. The huts are located about 12 kilometres from station on Ellis Fjord. We headed out there to finalise some LPG gas including the fitting of a new cylinder cradle. There’s only a few weeks left to enjoy staying out at the huts, as the Aurora Australis is due to arrive early November to take this year’s 71st ANARE winter group home and the new season will begin.

I've enjoyed the year and would like to thank everyone here at Davis for a great time. Each person has helped shape and make the year a great experience that I will keep with me forever. When I get home I imagine it will probably be hard to do Antarctica justice when describing all the great experiences that I've had as a first time expeditioner: the trip down on the Aurora Australis; flying off in helicopters to land on the continent for the first time; meeting a lot of new people that come from so many different walks of life; enjoying the berg cruises (boat trips) down to the Sørsdal Glacier, through the islands watching the penguins and birds; seeing the elephant seals arrive over summer to moult and then leave as the sea ice started to form; and having the sun disappear for a while in the middle of winter.

We were also extremely lucky to participate in a traverse to the Rauer Islands a couple of months ago thanks to the extra effort from our station leader and field training officer. In our remaining time here, we'll endeavour to get out and see as much as we can when opportunities arise.

Iain Tweddle