This week Davis station received a spring clean following the long winter.

A spring clean for summer

The lead-up to summer operations at Davis has seen all work groups busy with their ongoing work in their specific trade/station roles. On Friday 12 October though, we all put down our normal work tools and became professional cleaners for the day.

Teams were sent off in all directions to scrub walls, vacuum, and wet-clean floors and carpets. The gym, kitchen, cinema, and communal living areas were tackled enthusiastically, with an eclectic mix of music and good humour providing ample motivation.

With the kitchen, as in any home a central focus, everything was removed and located to the mess area, so that floors could be cleaned, every nook and cranny scrubbed, broken tiles removed, replaced and re-grouted over the weekend.

Needless to say the good food kept on coming , with every endeavour being made to ensure we eat like royalty even when the kitchen is not operational. Prawns, roast chicken, fresh salad from hydroponics, and a lamb on a spit are a sample of what was on offer throughout the weekend.