Busy weeks at Davis with abundant wildlife returning to the area and an airdrop of station supplies

The wildlife returns to Davis

With flights starting, and a week or so before the expected arrival of the Aurora Australis, Team Dieso has been busy preparing the sea-ice runway and de-winterising the vehicles required to conduct resupply.

Following on from our recent big clean-up, Simon and his band of helpers are busy boxing up all our Unaccompanied Personal Effects (UPE) for shipping back to Australia, and condensing containers and half-heights of RTA waste and change-over equipment. With the arrival of our airdrop by RAAF, he had a minor re-supply to deal with, as well as drying and packing of parachutes. Lots of hands helped make his life a little easier. 

Our seal survey crews are heading out with Dr Kate counting adult Weddell seals and their pups in Long Fjord every Monday and Friday. This brings much joy to expeditioners. Penguins are migrating back to their nests and the bird life has followed suit. What a special time in a special place. Davis, the premier station!

Brought to you this week by Team Dieso