The installation of the new secondary waste water treatment plant.

Reality check

With the previous weeks of Icy News being bombarded with adventures, sights and scenery of this special place, I thought I would follow it up with what really happens down here. Work! Yes, someone has got to do it!

The infrastructure team made up of 3 plumbers, 3 electricians and 1 carpenter, are tasked to keep the station running as well as work on improvement projects for the station.

One project that has kept us busy over the winter months is the Advanced Waste Water Treatment Plant that is due to come online this summer. The team at times have had the luxury to get out of the cold and into the warmth of the Utilities building to work on the inside job and get the project to where it is now. Over summer the prefabricated units were bolted together and situated in their final position. After some fine tuning of the units and the construction of the floor and walls, access was available to start connecting the cabling and pipe work.

Once completed this machine can produce potable water from our waste water system. Not sure on who’s first to taste test, but the installation will be an achievement that the team will be proud of.

Glen Pretious. (Carpenter/Building Services Supervisor)