This week is about the second of two training camps required by expeditioners before they can undertake the traverse to the Rauer Islands.

Traverse Training

The second group got out this week to undertake their traverse training after a week of delays due to high winds.

Once the camp location was decided the Hägglunds vehicles were parked to provide a wind break for the camp site. On this this trip we utilised one large endurance tent and two smaller polar domes to accommodate eight expeditioners.

The endurance tent was used as a communal space for hanging out and cooking, also 5 people slept here for the night. The three tents and Hägglunds were all connected with an orange rope that was used as a blizz line in the event of poor weather conditions.

Weather observer Chris took wind measurements with a hand held anemometer to inform us the wind was only blowing 20 knots at this time, however it did pick up by morning which made breaking camp a little more interesting. Once camp was packed up we then moved onto Plough Island for more training before returning to station later that afternoon.