Winter is coming — the Aurora Australis has collected all the summering expeditioners leaving the hardy winter crew behind to enjoy a much quieter station.

Summer’s end

As quickly as it all began, the busiest season has come to an end for us all at Davis. The Aurora Australis swept in past Gardener Island this week and spirited away the bulk of our companions, leaving an enthusiastic 19 to keep our station in tip-top shape during the cooler climes. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 3 months since we were deposited bright-eyed & bushy-tailed onto these shores, and now it’s time to say goodbye.

Between powerhouse overhauls, infrastructure roof replacements, infrasound works, water treatment plant corrective works and production, site-services piping upgrades, various earthworks, helicopter hangar floor concreting to name but a few, those outbound souls have surely left with a sense of pride over what’s been achieved this past season. On top of that, there’s been plenty of good times had, friendships made, memories etched and lessons learned.

For us winterers though, whilst the summer may be over, the work surely is not. With the nights becoming longer and the temperatures beginning to head South, a lot of plant and infrastructure needs to be prepared for the months ahead. This includes closing up summer accommodation blocks, a few science and other station buildings, winterising plant and machinery and plenty of cleaning up before snow covers everything.

We give thanks to all our summer crew mates, wish you all the best, and humbly request that you check in with us once in a while. Until we see the hulking, giant Aurora Australis again, rest assured we’ll be making the most of our time down here.


By Aaron, electrician.