The Big Orange Taxi parks out front

Landing Party

With a relatively kind Southern Ocean voyage behind us, the 2018/19 contingent of Davis Station expeditioners arrived last week, greeted by perfect weather conditions and an incredible assortment of giant bergs. A little earlier than expected, but the team on the ground already had the welcome mat out and seemed pretty happy to see us. 

With hugs, high-fives and handshakes out of the way, the resupply operation kicked off. Thanks to the efforts of all on station (and the ship!), things went off without a hitch….delivering 88 expeditioners, 800,000 litres of fuel, 200,000 litres of water and nearly 500 tonnes of cargo — all supporting what promises to be a busy year ahead. 

Seems a pretty fair exchange for 13 hardworking, weary winterers who are looking forward to a warm welcome at home.