This week talks about the windy weather we have been having and the effect it has had on the snow and sea ice both on station and in the field.

A windy week

The last couple of weeks at Davis have rotated around finding good weather days among the wind to get out in the field. While the wind has by no means been extreme by Antarctic standards, it’s been enough to sweep away all our snow around station, break out the sea ice on the outside of the islands and deposit fine Vestfold’s dirt over everything. Fortunately, all the sea ice travel routes we use are on the inside of the line of islands, so loosing the outside sea ice doesn’t impact us much.

We’ve also hit a milestone in the year this week, the need for sunglasses again….now where did I put them? The days are certainly getting lighter and longer, which is making travel and working in the field more enjoyable.

By Derryn Harvie — Electronics Engineer