Kate takes us on a tour of the Vestfold Hills.

Kate’s wish list

At the start of winter, I sat down and wrote a list of all the places that I wanted to see. The Davis operating area is this huge expanse of fjords and hills, bordered by the Sørsdal glacier, the plateau and the ocean. In amongst it all are seven little huts to stay at, innumerable hills, valleys and lakes to explore, and two historical cairns to visit. I knew if I didn’t make a bit of a plan, the season would fly by and I’d perhaps only see a fraction. Even with my list, I’ll still see a fraction — that’s the magic of Davis. There’s so much here you want to come back again and again, to see more of the places you glimpsed, and experience those you only saw on the map. So I sat down and wrote a list. Today I was browsing through my stuff and came across the list. Apart from two places, I have managed to do all the things that I felt I couldn’t leave Davis without experiencing. Of course that now means I need to plan those trips and start filling in my list of places drawn from my never ending wish list of field trips…

Here’s a selection of photos from some of the places I’ve been over my winter at Davis. There’s no favourite because every single one of them is unique and incredible in their own way.

Kate, Davis Doctor.