Station team undertake Search and Rescue training.

A busy training program for the team

Part of the focus for the week at Davis, amongst the plumbing, servicing fire alarms, maintaining engines and pumps, making water, eating great food, was our first SAR (search and rescue) training day. Winter SAR training kicked off in the warmth of the green store with ‘injured’ expos doing their best for an Oscar nomination and first responders providing attentive care and attention.

This included primary first aid care, patient rolls, wrapping the patient to keep them warm and stretcher carrying techniques.

And then in the afternoon the team had to locate, access, and provide first aid care to our ‘patient'. This included sorting out team roles, working out the best route for the stretcher and providing Doctor Kate with medical observations on a regular basis.

Marchants Landing (within station limits) provided a tricky training ground for a stretcher carry on yet another blue sky Davis Riviera afternoon. Six expeditioners on the stretcher team with a swap out half way to the awaiting vehicles, and a slow drive back to station, with all hands necessary for a caterpillar carry into the medical centre.