At Davis the team has been kept busy with ongoing expeditioner training.

Fire training exercise

With the wind chill getting down below −25°C, and a blizzard looming on the horizon, it was time for Davis Fire Team No. 2 to brush up on our capabilities. A mock scenario was set up that saw us muster for a fire alarm. After a quick consultation with the our electrician, it was up to SAM (Summer Accommodation Module) to see what scenario we were faced with.

A quick call on the radio and the Fire Hägglunds vehicle was on its way with all our firefighting equipment. Not long after, the first two members of the team entered the building wearing full breathing apparatus equipment and equipped with the 38mm hose to quickly extinguish any blaze that they faced.

After another two members entered the building to assist, our trusty friend ‘the dummy’ was located and carried to safety. After a quick pack up and debrief in was time to retire to the mess for a cup of hot chocolate to warm up the chilly team. Successful fire training completed for another month!

By Deputy Fire Chief Steve