This week at Davis the station chef writes about the antics of the Antarctic slushy.

We can’t live with them and we can’t live without them

'Slushy’ is Antarctic slang for ‘kitchenhand for the day'.

Oh the slushy, the apprentice that never learns, they die hard to try hard. The endless questions about our culinary cuisine and where does this go?

Once the slushy has the MP3 music player set at full pitch and sleeves rolled up, it’s time to don the rubber gloves and make a start. There are pots to scrub, floors to mop and gash (rubbish) run to be done. Then it’s on to tidy this and tidy that, chop this and slice that, with instructions to do this and do that, but NO, not like that, or do it like this! From all walks of life they take their turn and become an Antarctic slushy.

I thank you all for your Antarctic slushy efforts!

Rocket (Rodney), Chef