This week, our second group completed their traverse over to the Rauers.

A second Rauers traverse

The second Rauers Island traverse team left for their intrepid journey last Thursday, with the goal to camp at the Macey Peninsula for three nights.

The islands are located approximately 100km away from station, separated from the Vestfold Hills by the Sørsdal Glacier. In preparation, the team have spent several weeks preparing and training, learning about glacier travel, polar camping, and the finer points of cold weather survival.

The team comprised Simon, Cricket (Richard), Chris, Aaron, Glenn, Iain and Kate who left station at an unreasonably early hour to ensure there was plenty of good light for crossing the Sørsdal Glacier. Arriving at Macey Peninsula in the early evening, they were treated to one of the most spectacular auroras this season dancing in the sky above them as they set up camp and ate dinner.

For the next two days the group explored the surrounding hills and rocky outcrops, viewed the Brown Glacier, and took in the vistas over the Rauer Island groups. Unfortunately the ramps used in previous seasons to access the sea ice are now steep wind scours and snow cliffs. But an incredible time was had by all the group with the chance to experience the Antarctic plateau and the beauty of the Macey Peninsula. The final treat for the trip was driving home via iceberg alley in the late afternoon light. It was an incredible four days of Antarctic magic.

Dr Kate Kloza (Davis Doctor)