Discovering new talents

The lighter side of life

Well, it was inevitable…with all the bragging about the Davis “Riviera of the South” weather, it was time to fall in line with other stations and deal with a bit of wind, as the Woop Woop skiway tipped over 40 knots and messed about with our flight scheduling.

While unpleasant, we still did spare a thought for poor old Casey though, as they coped with 50 knots+ *plus* resupply. It can be a fickle business to connect the two stations sometimes.

This is all by no means unusual for Antarctic stations and we simply accept it for what it is and do our best to manage the moving goalposts — keeping everyone safe and in good spirits in the meantime. These good spirits come in many forms, but recently seem to take the shape of themed parties and previously undiscovered musical…dare we say it…talent.

The ice was broken (sorry) with a dinner party themed by anything starting with the first letter of your first name. A Frank as Frankenstein, Darryl as a Disney Princess and - in the ultimate reverse switch — Luke as Leia. Everyone getting in the swing of it made for plenty of laughs and a great opportunity to get to know each other as we all settle into our new home. 

For the next big social event we were treated to some legitimate (!?) skills (apologies for sounding surprised, guys), now better known and admired as musical prodigies “Mooseknuckle” (solo artist formerly known as Ferret) and “Pineapple Express” (Hayden — guitar/vocals, Ferret - bass/vocals and Glenn on the drums). Not a bad night at all by Davis standards. A cracker some might say. It’s how we roll.

With some fun times under our belt and the Aurora Australis sitting out the front of Casey station as we speak, we will soon be welcoming many new faces to Davis…and bidding farewell to others. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe, merry Christmas - surrounded by your favourite people. 

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to those who are sharing their loved ones with Davis research station and the Australian Antarctic Program during the festive season ahead.