This week at Davis has some past memories, spectacular natural phenomena and some work and social activities.

Great to be back

At last the traverse to Law Base has departed! After what seems like weeks of preparation involving all on station, three hägglunds, a generator van, living van and fuel sled attached left on Tuesday morning…whoops, my mistake, that was Icy News on 12th May 1994…24 years ago!

Sitting here thinking about the past week, I cannot help myself from drifting back 24 years to what was happening here at Davis during the same week. Somethings haven’t changed over the years with quad training, sea ice measurements, good food and good company a strong recollection. Even Cricket (Richard) is back again. The big change in the mechanical workshop is Steve here joining us, bringing with him his many experiences from his past winter’s at Casey station.

Spare parts stocktake is the order of the week for us. Counting, sorting and cleaning the vast amounts of parts needed to keep the various mechanical plant operational.

As we view this magnificent wilderness the stunning sunrise and sunsets are getting closer together, our nights therefore are rapidly getting longer and cooler, thus allowing for some stunning aurora displays whilst walking to work of a morning.

Quad bike training continues as Simon our field training officer brings us up to speed on sea ice travel. There was also more sea ice measuring happening with Cricket, Simon, Jason A, Aaron and Graeme heading up Long Fjord to check out ice depths but came home a little disappointed with the ice not as well formed as we hoped. Derryn and Jason D had a trip out to Deep Lake to continue with the science program running there, whilst Kate and Trevor took time to do some follow up works for the Year Round Access Program in Heidemann Valley.

Friday night we were entertained at ‘Le Cooks Café' by our chef Rocket playing guitar and singing, with backup from slushy Chris also on guitar whilst we made our own pizza to their tunes.

Well that’s about it from all of us at Davis this week as we bid you all a safe and happy week ahead.

Team Dieso — Cricket (Richard), Steve & Woll.