A man in a workshop stands beside a stool placed on a table.  A small pot of paint is suspended form a string above the stool.  Another man stands behind, both smiling to camera.

It's all about stools at Mawson - hut stools that is Read more

A group selfie of expeditioners on the ice, wearing fur hats, beanies, sunnies and other warm weather clothing

Winds, clear-up operations, incoming planes and station leader handovers Read more

A man in hi-vis in front of the new switchboard give the thumbs up.

This week Ryan gets into some switchboard project work and reflects on… Read more

Group of expeditioners sitting on a sloped blizz tail in front of a red building

The summer climbing season approaches and we wait for our first plane Read more

A group of adult emperor penguins with their young chicks on the sea ice.

Spring is here and the wildlife is returning Read more

Birthday cake in the shape of a blue and orange Hagglund over snow vehicle towing a yellow sled.

It has been a busy month for birthdays Read more

Expeditioner kneeling down working on rocks servicing remote penguin camera

A team heads out into the field Read more

Four expeditioners in their black and yellow winter jackets with Béchervaise camp in the background.

Summer penguin program preparations at Bèchervaise Island Read more

A green aurora floating across the night sky.

Deep field Trip to Ledingham Depot and Fold Island Read more

Emperor penguin colony with massive ice bergs in the background.

A trip to Auster emperor penguin rookery Read more

Expeditioners working on the melt bell with a large tripod to support the equipment.

New water tank comes on line Read more

Two expeditioners standing for a photo with the wind turbine in the background.

The Mawson wind turbine comes back on line. Read more

Colour poster for the Mawson movie with a large tracked vehicle on the snow

Mawson enters the 48 hour Winter International Film Festival of Antarctica Read more

Four expeditioners in their winter clothing about to leave the cold porch.

A weekend trip to Fang hut. Read more

Three expeditioners in hi-visibility clothing standing around a cargo pallet with the yellow Hagglund in the background.

The first ever airdrop of food and supplies for Mawson station. Read more

Expeditioner leaning against the ship's handrail with Hobart in the background.

My first six months as the station boilermaker Read more

A small ice berg in the shape of an elephants head and trunk with the sun behind it.

Field travel and emperor penguin week Read more

The down the long corridor with building materials up against the walls.

Working in Antarctica and Hadley hats Read more

Group of expeditioners standing next to the red Terra bus on the snow covered icecap.

Simon's summer to winter journey Read more

A green aurora in the night sky above the Colbeck field hut.

Work around station and visiting Taylor rookery Read more

A line of emperor penguins making their way towards the camera with two close in the foreground.

A busy week with our first winter traverse and more wild weather Read more

A whiteboard with writing that reads maximum wind gusts 109 knots (202 kmh) at 13:43hrs last Saturday

It’s all about the wild weather, hydroponics and sea ice travel. Read more

A group of expeditioners standing in front of a shiny new building having a hot drink.

Brought to you by our humble station stalwarts Read more

Selfie photo of excited expeditioners standing in front of the yellow Hagglund vehicle.

Celebrating the winter solstice Read more

Five expeditioner sitting on a large rock as they watch the sun go down which produces a nice orange glow on the horizon.

We prepare for midwinter and travel to the plateau behind station. Read more

Two expeditioners using a petrol sea ice drill to bore through sea ice in Horseshoe Harbour

A team of three expeditioners head onto the sea ice to download data from… Read more

An expeditioner laying on the floor with a green split stretcher about to be slid under him by the five people kneeling around him.

Our training program continues and we look at the wonderful food grown in… Read more

Three expeditioners working on a rocky ledge with the sun producing an orange glow as it goes down in the background.

The days are getting shorter as we venture out from station Read more

Three expeditioners standing on a rocky hill top with sea ice, the ice plateau and mountain in the background.

A busy week of field training, bird camera work, working on the wind… Read more

Four expeditioners walking on sea ice towards Beche Island with rising sun in the distance

More field training and Friday drinks at Rosella. Read more

Kate laying in her bright yellow outer bivvy bag on the rocky ground.

This week we ventured out into the field Read more

Bright orange sky reflecting on the sea ice with the Australian flag at half-mast in the foreground.

A busy week as we observe ANZAC day, drill the sea ice and celebrate a… Read more

A picture of a sunrise while standing on the steel walkway on top of the station fuel tanks.

The last week has been about initiating fuel conservation measures and a… Read more

Large red building in the distance barely visible due to blowing snow.

It’s all about local weather and training at Mawson. Read more

Table set for 18 expeditioners with Easter eggs

This week at Mawson resupply is completed and Easter is here Read more

Red helicopter on the concrete landing pad with sea ice in the background.

The changing of the guard as resupply continues Read more

A red helicopter coming in to land on a patch of land with snow

A season comes to an end and time runs out Read more

An portrait image of a man wrapped up in a beanie, snow goggles on his head and neck buff over the bottom half of his face.      Icicles are on the clothing and the ends of his eyelashes.

How do you capture the essence of a year in Antarctica? Read more

A group shot  of expeditioners in fire fighting gear standing in front of two red fire Hagglunds

Their bravery knows no bounds Read more

Looking out across a bay with clear blue sea on one side and melting sea ice on the other

The signs of a season drawing to an end Read more

Three expeditioners wearing hard hats walking away from camera across the ice.  They are roped together for safety as they head towards large mountain range is in the distance in front of them.

An intrepid adventure to view an unfortunate landmark Read more

Expeditioner leaning on a walking stick while standing on the ice in the middle of an ice covered canyon.

What is it like to work and live in Antarctica Read more

Four yellow tents in the snow at the base of the mountain

Mother Nature messes with expeditioners' plans Read more

Some large rocks and mountain peaks visible in the snow

Expeditioners explore and find some hidden gems Read more

Large grounded iceberg encased in sea ice taken from above.  Three tiny Hagglunds can be seen parked on the ice in the distance.

Adam shares the moments that best sum up the magic of Antarctica Read more

Icy landscape in foreground including ice cliffs with two mountain ranges on the horizon against a clear blue sky

A picture paints a thousand words Read more

An climber with ropes and helmet stands atop a mountain looking at a mumiyo deposit.  Snow can be seen on the ground below.

Fine weather brings exploration opportunities Read more