A picture paints a thousand words

Building Services Supervisor (BSS) Perspective

It has been a very busy period here at Mawson station. We have had some beautiful sunny days with almost no wind, which has enabled Team Sparky to ascend the Mawson windmill for maintenance duties.

Pictures always speak best. Here are some notes on the last few weeks - these comments reflect on the pictures below in order:

1. View looking west from top of the windmill. Stunning ice cliffs with the Casey range on the right and the David range to the left.

2. Still looking west at the ice cliffs with the Casey range in the backdrop. Taken in March 2020 for a comparison.

3. Summer Tarn behind the tank house. Resembles more of a dry creek bed now. Hard to believe that we pumped 138,000 litres of water from it.

4. Shane Mann (serial pest) getting one of the cranes prepared for resupply.

5. Beautiful pastel colours produced in the Mawson night sky.

6. The serial pest getting fuel lines and pumps ready for resupply.

“What’s this fitting do”?

Aaron Searl (BSS)