Fine weather brings exploration opportunities

Mawson: Mountain Town

Warm* weather and endless days are perfect for exploring the mountains of Mawson. The rocky ridges and peaks rising above the ice plateau offer unique vantage points and challenges for those with a sense of adventure. We have been building our skills and chalking up some easier ascents in anticipation of the more demanding summits.

The new year was kicked off with two intrepid pairs venturing out from Hendo hut. Adam Armstrong and Hamish Aldrin ascended the very sensible and achievable Onley Hill, but still found plenty of adventure negotiating a route to the top and peeking into the impressive wind scour. One small step for a lanky carpenter, one giant leap for his companion.

Mark Norgay and Brilly Hillary extracted full value out of their day, with a sixteen hour ascent of the Goldsworthy ridge of Mt Henderson. It was a lot of “type 2” ** fun taking in three summits, several abseils and the full geological gamut from ‘oh this is a nice bit of rock’ to ‘I hope this entire gully of choss (crumbly rock) doesn’t land on my belayer’. Just before pumpkin-o’clock we were on the final summit and soon back at the hut where Aldrin had the kettle on.

The adventures continued into the weekend with two groups ascending Fang Peak (one spent the entire ascent shrouded in cloud; perfect if you are scared of heights). Everyone is eager for more. Rumdoodle, Mt Ward and Mt Hordern await!!

*Warm is a relative term. While it may only be a few degrees above freezing, sunny windless days feel positively tropical (but without the piña coladas).

**Type 1 fun is fun while you are doing it; such as drinking piña coladas. Type 2 fun however is not fun at the time. It is only with the nostalgia of distance and time that you start to think ‘hey that wasn’t so bad; maybe it was even fun’.

Mark Savage (Field Training Officer)