Colbeck hut sits amongst rocks. It is a brightly coloured half-sized shipping container

Mawsonites spend time off-station with emperor penguins and in some of the… Read more

Both the Pilot and Co-Pilot grab the throttle as a cautionary procedure for takeoff and landing

“We could see pack ice were a multitude of enormous floes rendered tiny by… Read more

Adélie penguins at Macey hut with a typical pink and blue sky

A collection of beautiful photos highlight what’s new at Mawson this week. Read more

The Basler plane is seen to approach the Mawson Ski Landing Area from beyond Bechervaise Island. The ground crew consisting of the Mawson Emergency Response Team and Refueling Team along with the two passengers bound for Davis can be seen gathered on the sea ice in the foreground

Planes finally land at Mawson station, an amusing story on the dogs of… Read more

It’s amazing what a coat of high gloss Dulux will do — the inside of the newly painted Colbeck Hut

Colbeck Hut is a renovator’s delight, but first it had to travel. This… Read more

The orange Hägglunds parked on the sea ice as it makes its way to Taylor Glacier

Mawson expeditioners are out in the field, experiencing the best of… Read more

Inside the main power house with the four generators lined up

Power and wind rule at Mawson station this week. Read more

Removing the engine from the Hägglunds with the assistance of the workshop overhead hoist

The blue Hägglunds is repaired, and despite the shorter nights, auroras… Read more

Aidan drilling the sea ice en route to Ledinghams Depot

A huge trek, Colbeck Hut to Ledinghams Depot, features this week from… Read more

The red apple looking huts on Bechervaise Island

A tour of the many huts at Mawson that provide vital shelter but also many… Read more

A large penguin colony at Auster taken from a distance with a large iceberg in background

Mawson detects radiation as part of an international project, and the… Read more

A perfect day for climbing with the sun shining down on a climber as they near the summit of Mt Hordern’s East Peak

Mt Hordern is ascended by a few keen expeditioners and cosmic rays are… Read more

An expeditioner abseiling off the edge of West during a search and rescue exercise

At Mawson, bright green auroras light up the sky like fireworks, majestic… Read more

Three Hägglunds and a sled carrying a Quad motorcycle on top gathered on the plateau

A breakdown in Antarctica is no small thing, so it’s good to have a highly… Read more

Emperor penguins at Auster rookery

Auroras and emperor penguins are featured and Mawson’s station leader… Read more

The view looking back toward Mawson station from the top of Welch Island

Mountain biking to Welch Island and a photo rich trip to the automatic… Read more

Two tradesmen repairing the Mt Parsons radio repeater late in the evening.

The Mawson tradies detail their importance on station and Lydia showcases… Read more

One expeditioner cutting onions and another washing dishes whilst on slushy duties

Mawson station says thanks to the Antarctic slushy plus interviews… Read more

An expeditioner straddling a crevasse approximately 30cm wide and seemingly bottomless

Two field expeditions from Mawson station lead to the wreckage of a… Read more

The madness of resupply, the workshop becomes a warehouse with pallets of stock covering the workshop floor

Mawson’s diesel mechanics, affectionately known as ‘Team Dieso', cope with… Read more

Mawson proclaiming sovereignty, Cape Bruce, 1931

The account of a traverse up to Taylor Glacier for the emperor penguins… Read more

The team standing in front of the Hägglunds and about to set off for Taylor Glacier

A traverse up to Taylor Glacier for the emperor penguins census, and a… Read more

A view of Mawson station from a helicopter with the wind turbines in view

A look at the Mawson station wind turbines, and poor weather prevents the… Read more

Mawson expeditioners gather for a photo with Rocket after he received his award

Congratulations Rocket Read more

An Antarctic sunrise

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Three expeditioners standing on the ice with an Aurora over the silhouette of the North Masson range

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A close up of an Emperor Penguin standing grand and tall

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an expeditioner standing beside her quad bike with Mawson Station in the background

Field travel training and sleeping out in a bivvy bag at Bechervaise… Read more

A map detailing the sites of the sea ice that were drilled

The sea ice is open for business at Mawson, and the chef shares his… Read more

A tradesman lying on the deck of the melt bell as he holds the suspended pipe work

The Mawson trades team spring into action, the rainbow of Hägglunds is… Read more

Steve’s bivvy bag in the snow on the ice edge

A harrowing and sometimes funny tale of one station leader’s epic field… Read more

Photograph of Doctor James Chappell standing on a rocky and snowy landscape

A week of reflection and adventure at Mawson station. Read more

Quad Bike in snow blizzard

Imagine sleeping in temperatures far below zero, winds howling outside… Read more

Helicopter taking off from helipad

Job well done! Mawson station wraps up resupply and everyone breathes a… Read more

A plumber works in a confined space with a protective mask and oxygen for breathing

Resupply operations continue at Mawson and the new station leader is… Read more

Fuel pod delivered to Mawson

Mawson goes into resupply mode — the population explodes with ingoing… Read more

Sun flash in ice crystal

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Tent with snow build up outside

This week Keldyn reflects on camping in the wild and wonderful Antarctic… Read more


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First Mawson logbook, 1954

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Old Pioneer bright orange oversnow vehicle

An odyssey with an old pioneer. Read more

Quads on sea ice

Richard reflects on his summer at Mawson Read more

Mawson climbing wall

Visits to Fang Peak and Twintops took us out and about this week. Read more

Mt Cookabarra from up close

Mawson station leader Graham ‘Cookie’ Cook turns 60 and celebrates by… Read more

Work on Automatic weather station complete

Auto weather stations, spectacular views at Mt Hordern, and a day in the… Read more

Penguin breaks the surface

Pete takes you on a Sunday afternoon stroll within station limits. Read more

Mawson wind turbine with green aurora in the sky

The year in summary on the weather front along with a run down on the… Read more