A black and white photograph of a man holding a hand drill against the door of an old, worn building.

This week our carpentry team compare the old style of carpentry at Mawson… Read more

White paint markings on a rocky landscape depict a square hole to be cut. In the background is a frozen sea.

Mawson's engineering services supervisor, Sara, talks about how a long… Read more

A sign saying "It's home, it's Mawson" against a rocky landscape with ice in the distance

This week the station's new supply officer, Ryan, describes the journey to… Read more

Fifteen smiling people in bright cold weather jackets and most in beanies pose for the camera

Our new plant operator, Paul, tells us about his arrival on the Nuyina… Read more

An iceberg shaped like a bridge with a hollow entrance can be seen on an overrcast day

Moving across the Southern Ocean on RSV Nuyina, our incoming seabird… Read more

A penguin is in the process of diving into an ice hole and into the sea in a series of six photographs.

How is it possible to choose your favourite moments in photographs from… Read more

An emperor penguin is photographed in mid-air as it jumps from the water through a hole in the ice

This week one of our plumbers, Jess, describes the feeling knowing that… Read more

A seal pup is laying on the sea ice next to a large adult that has its head to the side and mouth wide open.

This week, one of our plumbers, Ryan, describes his continuing discoveries… Read more

A wide panorama photo with a rocky, snow and ice covered island in the foreground with a hut in the middle of frame and a blue Hägglunds vehicle parked behind it. In the distance are a large number of icebergs frozen into the sea ice.

This week, one of our plumbers, Neil, shares some of his amazing… Read more

A maintain range with snow being blown across it is visible in the distance eover an ice plateau. In the foreground are more rocky mountains.

This week Jimmy, one of our electricians, reflects upon passing the… Read more

Two men in brightly coloured shirts are standing next to a golf cart on an ice covered harbour

Scott, one of our electricians, talks about some of the ways that he… Read more

A man is about to cut into a large, multi coloured, birthday cake. The number 40 is on the top of the cake.

This week our attempts to launch a deep field traverse onto the sea-ice… Read more

A yellow brightly lit tent is setup on the snow with a yellow pyramid tent and another dome tent in the background.

Our station mechanical supervisor, Ben, reflects upon the first half of… Read more

A small figurine is on top of a wooden board with a plaque proclaiming sovereignty. In the background is a rocky, snow and ice covereed landscape.

This week one of our diesel mechanics, Alex, shares a few of his favourite… Read more

A room is being prepared for painting with walls and ceiling sanded back and seams sealed.

Greg pays tribute to our talented carpenter and his work revnovating the… Read more

A brightly polished silver espresso coffee machine is on a stainless steel bench. On the wall above the machine is a map of Antarctica.

This week Dave explains some of the intricacies of language and coffee on… Read more

A number of large, emperor penguins are in a group close to the camera. They are standing on ice and there is a large ice berg in the distance.

Our supply officer, Alan, reflects on how even small breaks from the daily… Read more

Five penguins are together in a huddle with one slightly closer to the camera. There are large icebergs in the distance.

This week our doctor Marissa shares some of her favourite photos from the… Read more

A Campbell-Stokes sunshine recorder glass sphere shows the reflection and refracted image of a person waving and a sunset. There is a blue building and snow covered rocky land in the background.

This week Robyne shows us how we measure sunlight using a beautiful glass… Read more

A man is sitting on a rocky slope looking at the camera. He is holding an ice axe. There is a vase ice covered landscape behind him with rocky mountains in the far distance.

This week we experience a little of the craziness that takes hold of our… Read more

The tips of 2 icebergs reflect the sun. There is a rocky island to the left of frame and an ice-plateau rising in the distance.

Albert, one of our Bureau of Meteorology technicians considers the… Read more

A bright green Aurora is visible in the night sky above icebergs and rocky islands. It appears to make the shape of a hand.

Andrew talks about night photography and shares some absolutely amazing… Read more

A large red building with lights on stands on a rocky landscape. Snow drifts lie against the building's side.

Allan shares some of his favourite photos, and this week sees the return… Read more

A time lapse photo showing star-trails and a bright green Aurora in the night sky with station buildings on a rocky landscape below.

Our carpenter, Chris 'Scottish' George, describes what still keeps him… Read more

A man is standing next to a yellow Hägglunds with a ice covered harbour and coloured sunset in the distance

This week, Jess tells how he pursued a career as a plumber in order to get… Read more

A man looks into the camera. He has ice in his moustache and beard and is wearing a jacket, beanie and goggles on his head,

Ryan, one of our plumbers shares some pictures and thoughts - while the… Read more

A brightly coloured sunset is in the distance over an vast field of ice

Neil, one of our plumbers wows us with some photos, and the station gets… Read more

A sunset is reflected in a glass ball with brightly coloured buildings in the background

One of our station electricians, Jimmy, describes his Mawson journey (so… Read more

A man is riding a bicycle on the ice of a frozen harbour with station buildings in the background

Reflections upon the first few months at Mawson and enjoying a rare spell… Read more

A Hägglunds vehicle is parked next to a hut with an ice plateau stretching into the sunset

Get to know our building services supervisor Mitch, and we start sea-ice… Read more

A harbour with blue water sits under a summer's sky with a rocky landscape in the foreground

Our plant operator Greg retells an exciting station meeting, we enjoy a… Read more

Two penguins are standing on a rocky shore with water in the background

Meet our diesel mechanic Alex, and indoor fitness ramps up! Read more

Sixteen people stand in front of the Australian and New Zealand flags with a frozen harbour in the background

Our station mechanical supervisor reflects on Anzac Day and getting to… Read more

A container of moisturising cream and a tub of barrier cream

This week our Field Training Officer learns the difference between… Read more

A man is laying in a dug out area in a snowy and rocky landscape

This week get to know our communications officer Andrew and why he sought… Read more

A container of fresh, bright red and green chillies

Robyne explains the virtues of the hydroponics program, and on station it… Read more

A man in a beanie and red jacket is smiling to himself

Survival training, igloos, and auroras at Mawson. Read more

A penguin raises its wing to wave

Working in Antarctica - A challenge worth taking Read more

Looking across rock and ice with two icebergs in the distance

Happy and healthy expeditioners Read more

An aurora shines in green and purples over station buildings

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The front of a ship creates spray as it goes through the waves

The Mawson 76th ANARE team fend for themselves Read more

Three people stand on the snow in front of rock cliffs

A fond farewell from the Mawson 75th ANARE crew and welcome to the 76th… Read more

A group of penguins stand on the sea ice

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A close up of green moss on grey rocks

Hot and cold and lots fun Read more

Three men wearing harness and helmets with ropes connecting them walk across icy landscape, sea in the distance

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Man roped up for abseiling stands at edge of drop ready to descend

Mountaineering at Mawson station Read more

Man stands at workbench in powerhouse, adjusting bolts on generator filter

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Small team on snow in front of red workshop building smiling at camera wearing Santa caps or reindeer horns, photo surrounded by Christmas message and Mawson crest

Christmas, camping and climbing adventures Read more