5 people pose on the sea ice

Success: planets align for Emperor penguin census Read more

A group of people walk away from the vehicles near some icebergs

A sensational visit to Auster emperor penguin rookery Read more

A ship in the sea ice

It’s got to be one of the best ways to get to ‘work’ on the planet! Read more

Incoming flight with Casey Range in the background

Summer is here: brilliant weather and multiple flights bring people and… Read more

A man lies on ice near some back Emperor chicks.

All is changing! We celebrate the end of winter and get ready for the… Read more

A view looking west from Colbeck Island

Second census trip to Taylor Rookery successfully completed. Read more

Three men watch the sunset at Macey Island

A weekend jolly to Auster for some and lots of plans for fair weather work. Read more

View back to station from Rookery Islands — mountains in the background

Getting ready for summer Read more

Aurora over Mt Henderson

Sunshine and longer days see people out and about exploring the… Read more

Two people set a snow anchor

Good weather allowed lots of activity this week — both on and off station. Read more

A man smiles from his desk

Another working week at Mawson flies by, and it’s lovely to see some… Read more

Person standing with arms out of Hägglunds.

A team head to Ledingham hut to perform some checks and maintenance, as… Read more

A sunrise sky with icebergs

More visits to Auster, a Chinese banquet, clear night skies full of stars… Read more

2 Penguins with a chick in front of the group

We smash the all-time monthly windrun record and get back to Auster to… Read more

A man ready to climb a mast

Blizzard is finally over and August wind run record is in the bag Read more

A man in fire clothing walks out of the blizzard

A constant blizzard all week means we're still locked inside and Brett… Read more

A man exits a building with a weather balloon

Weather enforces indoor activities which is good for the Antarctic 48 hour… Read more

A man smiles at camera as he works on under sink plumbing

The weather keeps us all station bound and working… come back sun! Read more

Sunlight hits the top of the iceberg behind the huddle

We can’t get enough of our Emperor Penguin neighbours! Read more

Pizza been made

This week there has been a visit to Marcy hut, a bread making cookery… Read more

Jade iceberg in the frozen ocean

Auster Rookery found, jade berg visited and cold weather phenomena… Read more

A group of people in winter clothes around a swimming hole in the ice

Midwinter swim completed and a successful trip through to Colbeck Hut and… Read more

A group of people with their winning dart board

It’s all about Midwinter! Read more

2 Haggs ready for departure in the dark of morning

Penguin tasks and our last sunset Read more

A man in fancy dress holds up a quiz book

Our sea ice is now thick enough that we're setting our sights on Macey Hut… Read more

A man on a ladder at work in a container

It’s not just all disco and jollies here at Mawson Read more

The training group being talked through the set upr equired to pull a Hagg out of the sea

Fire training and a disco makes for a busy week for the Mawson smoke… Read more

4 men stand in front of a Hagg and Mt Hordern

The weather gods were kinder to the Mawson crew this week, allowing travel… Read more

A man drills a hole in the sea ice

Another busy week of weather, work and fun flies by at Mawson Read more

A man dressed as Elvis watches a man drawing

High winds stymie some travel plans, but we keep busy nonetheless. Read more

A group of people around flag poles and Mawson station at dawn

We celebrate Anzac Day at Mawson and our first group to head off on a… Read more

A vehicle and 2 people out on the ice

We're all Hagg drivers now! Read more

2 men stand on the ice plateau with a Hägglunds vehicle

The Mawson team has a busy week of training as well as getting out on the… Read more

A m an dressed as Elvis poses for the camera

The sun keeps shining at Mawson. Read more

4 quad bikes lined up on the icy plateau

Survival and travel training continues, we celebrate St Patrick’s Day and… Read more

2 quads parked next to a crevass

Nearly a month on and field training and local recreation have started. Read more

The vault dug out of the rock with seismometer

We took a trip underground! Read more

Evening light over West Bay

The winter team are settling in to their new home. Read more

Sea ice now melting out in East Bay (background) as well as Horsehoe Harbour

With resupply complete, the winter team are busy settling in at Mawson… Read more

The AA in Horsehoe Harbour carving a path through the ice to facilitate it breaking up

Resupply continues and the Beche team return to station having completed… Read more

Looking back to Mawson Station from West Arm with water and sea ice still visible in the Harbour

All focus on resupply at Mawson this week as we find ourselves at the… Read more

View of East Arm from camera 1 position

After a massive effort from all Mawson station is spick’n'span and ready… Read more

A group of people stand in front of a googie hut on Bechervaise Island

V3 is on the way so station activity this week is all about completing… Read more

2 Hägglunds travelling over the plateau towards the mountains.

Ops normal at Mawson this week with everyone enjoying the fine weather… Read more

A Christmas tree with many gifts beneath

Happy New Year from sunny Mawson! Read more