This week at Mawson: 4 May 2018

High winds stymie some travel plans, but we keep busy nonetheless.

Weekly roundup

And so another week races by here at Mawson. Elvis (aka Linc) organised another quiz night for us on Friday which was music themed and tested the multi-generational audience.

The two groups that were planning to head out into the field over the weekend for ‘jollies’ had to put their plans on hold due to high winds on Saturday. This meant a last-minute numbers change for Saturday dinner that Chef Donna rallied to perfectly, and we had a lovely candlelit ‘family’ dinner in the Mess with everyone lingering to chat.

The wind dropped off by Sunday morning so the field groups headed out to the Central Masson Range for a day trip and to have a good look around that part of the plateau. Many photos were taken.

Stay tuned for further news of our new ‘boy’ band…

A man dressed as Elvis watches a man drawing
Elvis has Nick drawing album covers
(Photo: Michael Brill)
2 men walk towards 2 Häggs on the ice plateau
Häggs on the ice up on the plateau
(Photo: Patrick James)
Ice formations around a rock
Nature makes art
(Photo: Nick Cullen)
A man stands in front of a Hägg with mountains in background
Nate at the crossroads, with the David Range in the background.
(Photo: Nick Cullen)
Six men walk towards camera across the ice
The Antarctic Monkeys – Coming soon…
(Photo: Cormac Cullen)
The sun sets on the horizon with Mawson station in foreground
Coming home during sunset
(Photo: Patrick James)