A man wearing a blue jacket sits on the side of a mountain holding ropes.

This week we hear about the first time observations of a photographer new… Read more

7 people are lined up in front of a penguin rookery with icebergs in the background.

This week we hear about a unique ‘Happy Feet’ moment for a lucky few; and… Read more

A black and white penguin lays on a rock with a satellite tracker stuck to its back.

This week Team Seabird got to work on the sea ice along the Mawson… Read more

Nine people in Antarctic clothing look up at the camera while standing outside.

Two plane loads delivered the summer team to Mawson this week — our… Read more

A group of people stand on a rock peninsula holding red flares in the sky.

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A boulder is suspended in the frozen ice of the plateau

This week we hear about an Antarctic road trip and some spooky kookies… Read more

Ice crystals formed on glass in the shape of a flower

This week we observe miniature ice sculptures around station and we are… Read more

Icicles forming over a rock edge on a harbour edge.

This week we are treated to photos of our icy environment and hear about… Read more

A man with a grey beard sits at a table.

This week we celebrated two birthdays on station and watched the emperor… Read more

Ten emperor penguins stand on a snow embankment with a jade berg behind them.

This week we ventured onto frozen islands to take in the view and to spy… Read more

Two men cut ice blocks from an ice embankment.

This week a mysterious monolithic structure landed; and a team took a trip… Read more

Two men in fire fighting gear retrieve a dummy and use a fire hose on ice.

This week we confronted two big risks in Antarctica – the threat of fire… Read more

Light swirls appear across a snowy landscape

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A colony of emperor penguins on sea ice some with chicks

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A chick sits squashed in between the feet and belly of a penguin

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A red plastic bivvy bag next to a rocky embankment

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A big red truck on tracks tows an orange caravan on skis

This week a caravan finds a new (temporary) home on the plateau and the… Read more

A yellow Hägg parked in front of an ice cliff edge.

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A man sleeps in a hospital bed with a man in theatre scrubs attending to him.

This week at Mawson a plumber learnt to be patient; and out in the field… Read more

A man sits on the ice in front of three emperor penguins.

This week we found the elusive emperor penguins at Auster rookery —… Read more

A man in a balaclava stands inside a wind turbine.

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A man is cutting into the ice with a chainsaw.

This week eight brave souls jumped into the icy Mawson waters for a winter… Read more

A man crouches in front of pipes.

This week we caught up with the two diesel mechanics on station, we mapped… Read more

Three men in yellow freezer suits check out the radio repeater.

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A bar is filled with platters of pastries.

This week we share our magical midwinter day at Mawson… we hope you enjoy… Read more

A pot of beer is being stirred.

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A man in high visibility clothing stands in a laboratory holding a container of liquid

This week we answer a commonly asked question, we clean out Rumdoodle Hut… Read more

A yellow Hägglunds is parked in front of a green hut positioned in front of mountains

This week we provide an update on the impact of a blizzard we named… Read more

An orange Sunrise over the sea ice at Mawson

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A man in a white coat stands in front of a metal frame

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Two quad bikes re parked on ice, three people are crouched on the ice

This week we experienced more of the beauty and potential hazards of sea… Read more

A man changes the paper on a barograph chart

This week we feature the important work of weather observation at Mawson… Read more

a man in an orange immersion suit stands in front of a rescue platform, while expeditioners prepare the ropes

This week a whole new world of sea ice opened up, we commemorated Anzac… Read more

two men stand in front of a dart board shaking hands

Expeditioner Mark Austin describes how a week of intensive search and… Read more

A yellow encased radio transmitter sits fallen against rocks

The Mawson team climbed mountains to restore essential radio… Read more

A black browed albatross fflies over the Southern Ocean

This week we continue to showcase our beautiful environment at Mawson… Read more

Five people stand on a helideck at the rear of a ship

This week Pete shares some wonderful photos from the voyage and some of… Read more

three expeditioners stand on an ice ridge with the sun shining

After clear blue skies the weather turned windy reminding us that winter… Read more

Three expeditioners stand on an icy plateau in front of an orange search and rescue equipped Hägglunds vehicle

Some search and rescue training at Henderson Hut provided the added bonus… Read more

A large red over snow vehicle holds 14 expeditioners posing for a self timed photo in front of a large red shed and blue sky

This week we road test our equipment, welcome back the Aurora Australis… Read more

Two expeditioners are unloading boxes of fresh salmon from a shipping container

Resupply for winter and the Green Store is looking nice and full, the keys… Read more

The Aurora Australis in the harbour at Mawson in calm waters.

This week at Mawson we have ships, storms, an ellie seal and auroras. Read more

Ice around the shore melting and forming icicles

This week at Mawson we reflect on summer, find out what is happening at… Read more

A photo of a van and Häggs on the snow ready to go

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Antarctic fur seal sitting on the water’s edge.

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An octopus in the shallows near Mawson

This week at Mawson we have an unusual visitor, four of the team take a… Read more

Two people standing near penguins with water and land behind them.

This week at Mawson we watch seals on station and find out what is… Read more

A well decorated Christmas tree in Mawson’s upstairs lounge area

Over the festive season Mawson expeditioners celebrate Christmas and… Read more