This week a mysterious monolithic structure landed; and a team took a trip out to Macey to repair a melon and to check on the emperor chicks.

Mysterious Ice Henge

This week peculiar pillars of ice emerged in a circle in front of the red shed. How did one of the most famous prehistoric monuments and wonders of the world land at Mawson?

The work of Merlin? ancient Druids or Celts?

Nope, just a small team of Mawson winter expeditioners acknowledging the arrival of the Spring equinox in their own way — by constructing Ice–Henge, an ice replica of Stonehenge.

Stonehenge may have stood the test of time for 5000 years but the Mawson Ice-Henge lasted less than 24 hours before a blizzard with winds up to 100 knots blew on station.

We haven’t seen the Ice-Henge pillars or the two guys in horseheads since…

Handy hut repairs

Handy repairs were undertaken at the Macey melon hut this week, when a team dug out shovels of accumulated snow and ice which had shoved the melon on an awkward lean.

Thanks to Pete, Shane, Mark and Doug the melon is back on level ground — ready for a good night’s sleep and ready to be weathered by the next season of snow and ice. 

Chicks on the move

Our favourite chicks at Auster rookery are growing fluffier and chubbier each week. While some chicks are still seeking the warmth of their parents, others are stretching their legs and wings or huddle together in a créche for warmth.