A line of penguins walk across the sea ice with icebergs in the background

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Two people on red quad bikes drive across the sea ice

Making the most of the long daylight hours Read more

Aurora lights over Mawson station emergence vehicle shed and wind turbine

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Man abseiling over ice edge with two people at top managing lines held in place on the ice

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Chunk of clear ice shaped like the map of Antarctica

Little things, big trips and a touch of history Read more

A man in a black beanie stands in the snow in front of a hut

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Group of adult emperor penguins surround one small chick poking its head out into picture

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Buffet of breakfast items

How Mawson marches on its stomach Read more

Looking from station across to the ice plateau with blue sky above with no cloud

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Four tents, three dome shaped and one pyramid, erected on area of flat snow covered ground. In the distance sunset brings a faint orange glow to the horizon.

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Man in a red t-shirt stands at a kitchen bench making dumplings

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Group of six expeditioners sit of sled being towed behind red Hägglunds vehicle

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Woman with dyed purple hair sits at desk soldering electronics circuit boards

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Man with ice covered beard and beanie, on top of rocky peak with ice in distance to horizon at sunset

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Man in winter gear in a snow covered landscape kneels over a mound in sea-ice checking instruments

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Man in gym dressed in a purple tee shirt hits speed ball with raised left fist

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White board in library with brainstorming notes

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Alana standing in front of an iceberg with arms in the air

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Man in high vis and wearing protective glasses and ear protection leans over a large engine and conducts adjustment.

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A group of penguins sit in front of a large iceberg

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Grouping of Emperor Penguins sitting at the base of a large iceberg

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Cake mixer bowl filled with dough mixture

Food and science make life interesting Read more

Man in overalls, wearing St Kilda football beanie and safety glasses, holds a band saw and looks to camera and smiles

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Two men walk towards camera, in the distant background the rolling edge of a glacier meeting the sea ice

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Four men beside rectangular hole cut in sea-ice

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Ice plateau and mountain range in distance, mid distance is the station on the edge of the water

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Looking up the inside of the wind turbine at ladder and expeditioner climbing up ahead

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A green aurora lights up the sky over the station's buildings

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Man in foreground sitting at table and painting, in the distance a TV screen with instructional video

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Man stands beside a sign which reads "it's home, it's Mawson" and latitude and longitude of 67deg 36secs S and 62dec 52 secs E.

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Inflatable triceratops toy stands on bed in hotel room

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Bubble of air trapped in the frozen ground looks like a white pancake against the blue ice

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Close up of bearded man, wearing AAD beanie and goose down jacket, wearing service medals and red poppy.

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People playing a game called jenga, as an expeditioner pulls out a piece of wood from the game

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On top of the plateau after snowfall under a blue sky

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Food laid out on kitchen bench, from left to right, platter of pancakes, wooden chopping board with bagels, english muffins and crumpets with accompaniments in front (cheese, avocado, smoked salmon, herbs), and jug of berry smoothie with glasses

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Small square hut in foreground centre of picture with the backdrop of night sky with many bright stars

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A team of 15 people stand in the middle of a ship's heli-deck with Mawson station in the background

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A group of four adelie penguins walking in a line across freshly formed sea ice in channel between two rocky outcrops

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Ten people standing in a line on a rocky outcrop, with backs to camera and holding lit flares, wave farewell to a ship in the distance.

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Two icebergs sit in a dark sea as a photographer stands on the front of the ship taking photos

Handover of Mawson to the 75th ANARE team from the 74th ANARE Read more

Ice rubble over the sea ice close to East Arm near Mawson following a fall from the nearby ice cliffs

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A spectacular view from Rumdoodle summit looking west, with expeditioners in the foreground nearly at the peak on a beautiful Mawson Day

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Billy Merrick, Mark Baker and Kerryn Oates on the edge of Patterned Lake in the Central Masson range near Mawson

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A stunning view from the plateau of icebergs in a golden light as the sun peaks through a moody dark sky

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The Mawson sea baths sign down at the shorefront for our Australia Day swim

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The Mawson Yellow Hägglunds on the sea ice in front of the Forbes Glacier

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Expeditioners rope up together near the Hagglunds before heading into crevassed terrain

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The Mawson team in Christmas gear at the base of West arm with sea ice and ice cliffs in the background

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