A year on the ice according to the Mawson mechanical team

A Dieso's perspective

Mawson mechanical team wraps up after an awesome season down on the ice. This week we spent our time cleaning out the workshop and sending home all the changed-out components to go back to Australia to get refurbished ready for another season on the ice.

Looking back at the season we have had a pearler with 750 hours put on our Hägglunds this year. Hägglunds are our weapon of choice for our modern traverses at Mawson station. We have had many deep field sea ice traverses this season, going to Ledingham Depot and Fold Island in a mammoth seven-day adventure, along with three Colbeck traverses going past spectacular Forbes and Taylor Glaciers. However, our three aged Hägglunds were not maintenance free this season coming with a damage report of 21 failed road wheels, two dislodged tracks, one failed transmission, one failed injector, one failed water pump, two failed track frames and three leaking steering cylinders.

The Hägglunds definitely kept us occupied throughout the season although it has been worth it being able to go to the once in a life time places that very few people get to visit.

Dieso Kolfie